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My Last Week's Wake Up Call

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Last week I had a chance to meet so many fantastic people from my home country via Skype. They shared their stories with me in our mother tongue, and the flow of our conversations was just so beautiful. During my years abroad I’ve got to connect with people from all over the world, however, sharing a moment with someone coming from my home country is a very special feeling. The truth is that people are much more similar then they are different. No matter where we are, technology has connected us, and I feel so grateful for that opportunity.

I am happy for having the chance to get to know my readers a little better, and for them to learn about my work. I learned about their stories and struggles, and tried to help them to strategise around solving them. My consultations are always completely focused on my client, and I make sure to bring my whole self into it. I feel stunned how open and vulnerable people are, how aware, nuanced, and how ready to take the responsibility and to create the change.

In that light, I have to say that being of service to all of you who were curious and open to sign up for your session was a pure pleasure. Thank you!

Another thing that got me thinking was Apple’s report on the time spent on the phone. If you have iPhone, just make sure to update it, and you’ll be able to receive this report automatically. When I saw my numbers, I got chills throughout my whole body. In all honesty, I have no idea how I managed to spend so much time on my phone. I was going to work, having Skype consultations every single day, commuting by bike, taking kids to sports. Everything seemed packed - however, I managed to spend a full day on my phone. Yes! One day of my life.

When I reflected, I remembered how restless I felt. I felt spacey, had million creative ideas, struggled to sort them out, I felt cold in my body, my skin was little dry, and above everything I had massive resistance to structured activities (for example, my yoga practice). Thanks to the wisdom of Ayurveda, I now know that my vata dosha was aggravated, and I craved grounding. Instead of taking more rest, going for a walk, and saving myself from the unnecessary drama of daily life, I was doing precisely the opposite. I stayed in my mind, scrolling the phone and entertaining myself with a million activities.

Well, after this honest brain dump, all I have to say is thank you Apple for nudging me to take the realistic look into my behaviour. Use my experience as a reminder to stop and recognise what is going on. Technology is great, but it can numb our connection with ourselves.

I've decided to limit my time on Instagram for 30 minutes a day. My focus is on sustaining my daily life by making conscious choices. I support conscious consumption in every sense and thus I want to align with my internal belief system. In this particular case, it means ironing out my relationship with my phone. I prefer seeing my energy getting directed towards creating rather than consuming content uncontrollably.

Finally, I really enjoyed the Desk Tag. If you’d like to read about the things on my desk and their meanings, go and check out my Instagram post on @healthy.atelier.


Much love to you all and warm regards from Copenhagen <3