Tete-à-tete With My Soul


The summer in Denmark has been a blast. Long sunny days, bike rides to the beach in the bathrobe (so liberating), yoga, barefoot on the grass, flip-flops, salty hair and the long, deep breaths. 

Life is the art. 

I see my days as little works of art. Getting to know myself only makes me the better artist. Chasing the best version of myself has never resonated with me. I couldn’t be the best version of something that I didn’t even know

When I committed to making a connection with myself, I didn’t like everything that I found. People pleaser, not having clear boundaries, programmed the very conventional way (go to school, work hard, always look presentable, be polite), feeling as if I wasn’t enough, and on the other hand being careful not to be too much, and so on.

What followed were experiences of turmoil in all shapes and forms. At first, I couldn’t make a sense out of it. It was almost unbearable. Finally, physical and emotional manifestations of pain got so intense, which forced me into stillness. 



The other day after hours and hours spent on my yoga mat, I got the glimpse of my Soul, and I couldn’t stop crying. Unpeeling the layers of the onion both physically, emotionally and spiritually has finally given me a glimpse of what has been inside

The warmth, the beauty, simplicity, innocence of a child and a pure joy. The joy that I didn’t allow myself to feel was actually an essence of my being. But hey, imagine saying it out loud - I was born to be the joy. I was born to enjoy my life. C’mon! How arrogant and childish! Grow up, right? 

The teacher came, put her hand gently on my heart, and the other one on my forehead between the eyebrows. I felt as if I had reached parallel dimension. Actually, everything was the same, but the way I was in that world was different. I was calm, self-confident and authentic. Nothing less and nothing more. 


As a very private person, I cannot believe that I'm actually sharing this with you. But I feel called to do that and to transcend the ego which wouldn't let me press the "publish" button. When you feel that your heart is pounding, when you notice your neck pulsating - just stop. Be afraid, be vulnerable, be whatever comes up. 


The only way to shed the old skin is by feeling your feelings and physically expressing them. We all have different traumas stored in our bodies. Feelings are floating around your body, and you can move them. When they come up on the surface - it’s a blessing. Make a roar, have a cry, go for a run, get into your car and scream, swim in the ocean, river, lake - and they’ll be out. One by one. Layer by layer. Until you reach your Soul. Pure, joyous and beautiful.

And that is how the world is becoming a better place for us all. 

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