My Last Week's Wake Up Call

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Last week I had a chance to meet so many fantastic people from my home country via Skype. They shared their stories with me in our mother tongue, and the flow of our conversations was just so beautiful. During my years abroad I’ve got to connect with people from all over the world, however, sharing a moment with someone coming from my home country is a very special feeling. The truth is that people are much more similar then they are different. No matter where we are, technology has connected us, and I feel so grateful for that opportunity.

I am happy for having the chance to get to know my readers a little better, and for them to learn about my work. I learned about their stories and struggles, and tried to help them to strategise around solving them. My consultations are always completely focused on my client, and I make sure to bring my whole self into it. I feel stunned how open and vulnerable people are, how aware, nuanced, and how ready to take the responsibility and to create the change.

In that light, I have to say that being of service to all of you who were curious and open to sign up for your session was a pure pleasure. Thank you!

Another thing that got me thinking was Apple’s report on the time spent on the phone. If you have iPhone, just make sure to update it, and you’ll be able to receive this report automatically. When I saw my numbers, I got chills throughout my whole body. In all honesty, I have no idea how I managed to spend so much time on my phone. I was going to work, having Skype consultations every single day, commuting by bike, taking kids to sports. Everything seemed packed - however, I managed to spend a full day on my phone. Yes! One day of my life.

When I reflected, I remembered how restless I felt. I felt spacey, had million creative ideas, struggled to sort them out, I felt cold in my body, my skin was little dry, and above everything I had massive resistance to structured activities (for example, my yoga practice). Thanks to the wisdom of Ayurveda, I now know that my vata dosha was aggravated, and I craved grounding. Instead of taking more rest, going for a walk, and saving myself from the unnecessary drama of daily life, I was doing precisely the opposite. I stayed in my mind, scrolling the phone and entertaining myself with a million activities.

Well, after this honest brain dump, all I have to say is thank you Apple for nudging me to take the realistic look into my behaviour. Use my experience as a reminder to stop and recognise what is going on. Technology is great, but it can numb our connection with ourselves.

I've decided to limit my time on Instagram for 30 minutes a day. My focus is on sustaining my daily life by making conscious choices. I support conscious consumption in every sense and thus I want to align with my internal belief system. In this particular case, it means ironing out my relationship with my phone. I prefer seeing my energy getting directed towards creating rather than consuming content uncontrollably.

Finally, I really enjoyed the Desk Tag. If you’d like to read about the things on my desk and their meanings, go and check out my Instagram post on @healthy.atelier.


Much love to you all and warm regards from Copenhagen <3


Tete-à-tete With My Soul


The summer in Denmark has been a blast. Long sunny days, bike rides to the beach in the bathrobe (so liberating), yoga, barefoot on the grass, flip-flops, salty hair and the long, deep breaths. 

Life is the art. 

I see my days as little works of art. Getting to know myself only makes me the better artist. Chasing the best version of myself has never resonated with me. I couldn’t be the best version of something that I didn’t even know

When I committed to making a connection with myself, I didn’t like everything that I found. People pleaser, not having clear boundaries, programmed the very conventional way (go to school, work hard, always look presentable, be polite), feeling as if I wasn’t enough, and on the other hand being careful not to be too much, and so on.

What followed were experiences of turmoil in all shapes and forms. At first, I couldn’t make a sense out of it. It was almost unbearable. Finally, physical and emotional manifestations of pain got so intense, which forced me into stillness. 



The other day after hours and hours spent on my yoga mat, I got the glimpse of my Soul, and I couldn’t stop crying. Unpeeling the layers of the onion both physically, emotionally and spiritually has finally given me a glimpse of what has been inside

The warmth, the beauty, simplicity, innocence of a child and a pure joy. The joy that I didn’t allow myself to feel was actually an essence of my being. But hey, imagine saying it out loud - I was born to be the joy. I was born to enjoy my life. C’mon! How arrogant and childish! Grow up, right? 

The teacher came, put her hand gently on my heart, and the other one on my forehead between the eyebrows. I felt as if I had reached parallel dimension. Actually, everything was the same, but the way I was in that world was different. I was calm, self-confident and authentic. Nothing less and nothing more. 


As a very private person, I cannot believe that I'm actually sharing this with you. But I feel called to do that and to transcend the ego which wouldn't let me press the "publish" button. When you feel that your heart is pounding, when you notice your neck pulsating - just stop. Be afraid, be vulnerable, be whatever comes up. 


The only way to shed the old skin is by feeling your feelings and physically expressing them. We all have different traumas stored in our bodies. Feelings are floating around your body, and you can move them. When they come up on the surface - it’s a blessing. Make a roar, have a cry, go for a run, get into your car and scream, swim in the ocean, river, lake - and they’ll be out. One by one. Layer by layer. Until you reach your Soul. Pure, joyous and beautiful.

And that is how the world is becoming a better place for us all. 

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From Zen to Crazy (and back to Zen)

Guys! You know those mornings when you do the hard work to set yourself up for success, only to get the poke in the eye from the Universe just an hour later? Was your work for real, or just for your own entertainment?

Let me tell you this story.

I woke up as a badass the other morning. I mean - I opened my eyes without the alarm before 5 am, did my meditation & breathing, had a 10 min stretching, took my probiotic and herbs. Moreover, I made a fresh spinach & cornbread for my boys (gonna give you the recipe for that one, it’s beyond delicious and super simple), prepared the Instagram worthy fresh breakfast, packed 4 lunch boxes, started Acoustic morning playlist on Spotify in order to set the stage up for my little gentlemen to step comfortably into yet another warm day. 

And baaaam!

I got the cutest, yet the grumpiest children in the world. I mean - whining, complaining, crying, sabotaging my fairy-tale endeavors to start the day in a hyggeligt way, and getting me into the hurry-up-we-are-late nagging mood (which is my worst trigger for spiraling down). I hate being in a hurry. I hate the energy of pacing myself to achieve anything. I’d rather not go, then go in a hurry. 

As if the endless whining wasn’t already enough, I got a text from my husband (who was spending the week out of the country) that our little son had made a 400€ worth purchase at the App store. 

Holly smokes! 

When I finally managed to make my precious boys leave home for school, a little guilty munchkin had decided to bring his XXXXL sized Winnie the Pooh to the kindergarten, and they both got stuck at the door on our way out. 

We were late. Needless to say.

I finally got them to school. And to kindergarten. Two different places. 

I missed my yoga class. The second day in a row. Which is a big deal for me because yoga is giving me life. It’s my healing spot.

In a nutshell - I managed to pick myself up. Rather quickly. I believe that the reason was hiding in my practice (to be honest). 

I know that this may sound weird, but I cannot get mad at my boys. Whatever they do, the love for them is so intense that no matter how stressed I may look sometimes - it never lasts more than half an hour. And being smart kids, they know exactly how to navigate around, and get what they want. Seeing them exploring the boundaries make me laugh. 



Now, I wanted to share 4 tips that can help everyone to come back from crazy to zen. You might not have kids, but you may have a boss, or parents, or neighbor. As someone who spends time, energy and money on discovering how to tackle daily tasks and life tasks, I don't want the knowledge to stay locked within my inner circle. I want to share it with you. 

1. Breathe

Seriously. Many people know this, but even more people don’t really care. They look for more complicated solutions. Breath is our built-in relaxation tool. Learn to send it from the crown of your head all the way to your heels and back. You don’t need a zen-like environment to start breathing. Deep (belly) breathing stimulate the vagus nerve by filling your BELLY with air. Count to 4. Then breathe all the air out of your BELLY until the count of 6. Repeat until you feel relief.

2. CaRtarsis

I learned this technique from an outstanding person. He thought me to let the steam out when it builds up. When you are stressed - it's not the time to meditate. It may make the things worse. Instead, get in the car, drive the car to a deserted area of your city. Feel your emotions and learn to recycle them. Cry, scream, do whatever will help you to release. This is so important. When I discovered this concept, I thought I’d never been able to apply it. Conditioned by societal rules from the day I was born, I found it inappropriate. But I tried it, and it was fun. Not only that you can learn how to work with your emotions this way, but you also add the touch of child-like silliness to that. The combination is phenomenal and help you get the seriousness out of the game. Way too many people that are in some form of developmental process are too serious. Don't be one of them. Laugh at yourself. Important: Drugs have never been my choice, and they never will be. Too many people opt in for different drugs before they commit to CONSISTENTLY USE other available tools. 

3. Essential oils

Lavender is my go-to buddy. Putting a few drops on your temples and under the nose can make a big difference. There are more and more studies showing the positive effects of lavender on our nervous system. Even tho this works like a band-aid rather than a solution to the problem, it can help you relax. 

4. Investigate

When you chill out, try to get more rooted into the cause. What exactly was the trigger? Why do you think that was the trigger? Go through the situation again. Try to re-imagine your response. How could you respond differently? I always ask myself - what would love do? That’s how development happens guys. Not by reading yet another book or discussing yet another concept.

If you'd like to get your hands little dirty and figure out the areas of your life that you'd like to work on during this time of the year, feel free to contact me at and book your FREE consultation.

Much love,