Deconstruct Your Excess

Nothing succeeds like excess. If a little of something is good, more must be better.
— Arianna Huffington
Source:  Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

“More" in today's world serves as a legitimate measure of success, life’s mission and an ultimate life goal for many. It’s the proof that we’re doing everything as society intended and performing very well. We collect more stuff, take more education, live in the bigger houses, drive bigger cars, have more clothes. Society has taught us on how to be hungry for more. If you want more stuff in your life, people will pat your back.

We are widely encouraged to feel that settling for enough is for those of us who are weak and non-ambitious. Capitalist societies have given us a detailed manual on how to live life and how to measure our success. Every deviation would be considered either inappropriate or a non-volatile act of the extreme luck - depending on the outcome.

In that light, I was wondering, what about the excess weight?! What about that stubborn layers of fat that wouldn’t go away, that protect us from something?

What about that obvious statement of insatiable hunger for more?

Here's how it usually goes. Early morning, you get to the bathroom and face your reflection in the mirror. You give it a glimpse, lightly smile and affirm that you need to get rid of that annoying flab that’s stopping you from living your best life.

So what do you do? You either get to punish yourself with another circle of deprivation that balances you out until the emotional craving for the equilibrium caused by lack, propels you in yet another cycle of over-eating.

Perhaps you start re-inforcing all the blessings that you’ve earned in this lifetime, go on with your life as you know it, hoping to eventually manifest what you genuinely desire of your body.

Enough is not the amount. It’s your relationship with what you already have. - Geneen Roth

The major diseases are not the causes of death. Diseases are effects. What is causing them in 80% of the cases is a day to day lifestyle choices. There is still no pill that can outsmart your body’s intelligence in a way that it stays blind to your poor daily decisions. The power of food and lifestyle is so high that we can re-fashion our medical destiny at the very level of our genes.

So, how to apply this to healing our relationship with food?

We either get so scared that we promptly get out of our way and start applying everything that could make us not to die prematurely, or we give it a little more thought. We obtain more knowledge which leads us to more cerebral eating.

The next level is to connect to our bodies which lead us to more intuitive eating. We explore different dietary approaches, consult different practitioners and then, armed with the cutting edge knowledge, we get the feeling of having the power.

However, knowledge is not the power. We need the effort to translate it into energy. The initiative is called the action.

Exploring the health from the holistic perspective by integrating different aspects of your living experience could be your path to freedom. Everyone can do it.

Do you have an excuse?

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