Health Coaching - What Does It Feel Like?

You know that feeling when you feel trapped between what you should do, what you want to do and a common sense? You know what to eat, but you don’t. Different gurus are saying different things, and you’d like to escape the ivory tower, but you feel so confused that all the advice you receive is taking you only so far.

And then you eat whatever is the most convenient and even more.

Source:  Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Health Coaching is about learning how to shift your perspective from fixed to the growth mindset. It helps you bridge the gap between nutrition and self-development. Health Coach allows people to understand the variety of healthy foods and help them put those into practice in a way that will have a massive impact on their wellbeing.

Why you need a mindset to eat? Because it will give you the capacity to accept the process of learning, trial, and error.

Health coaching is a life-enhancing process through which we learn to respect ourselves, our desires, our body's needs, nature’s cycles, circadian rhythms. It’s not about the rigidity of a diet plan (unless you're addressing a severe health issue), but about making conscious choices that would lead to feeling your best - all the time. 

It’s about getting to know yourself and exploring your needs.

Food can be a catalyst for a deeper transformation.

I practice Holistic Health Coaching, which means that I help people take an in-depth look at how all areas of their life are functioning. Does stress which you experience at your work or in your relationships causes you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? How all areas of your life affect your health? You gradually build self-awareness which enables you to notice when it’s about emotional imbalance and when your body sends signals of physiological need.

The bottom line is that you learn to trust your judgment what and when to eat.

Source:     U     nsplash

Source: Unsplash

Defining your “why”

When you decide to make a shift, it’s critical to know why you want it. If you feel you’re ready for a change, then you probably already have a clue. Sometimes it's buried deeper within, and sometimes it's evident and bold. In the first case, there are compelling coaching tools that I use to explore your motivation. I promise you, understanding why you do something will make a world of difference for your perseverance and motivation. 

Food is a magic in colors. It has the power to facilitate weight loss, reduce cravings, enhance your sleep, boost your energy and improve your metabolism. Skin, hair - you got this! As I work with my clients, I help them gain a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for them. As a result, they experience improved energy, balance and overall health.


One person’s food is another person’s poison.

I experience some food allergies, but my children don’t. For example, when I eat wheat, I get hives on my body. However, my children's gut health is so robust that their bodies don’t react. As we want it to stay that way - we're taking good care of their gut.

Bio-individuality is the anchor which helps me to support people to make positive changes that consider their unique needs, lifestyle, preferences and ancestral background.

Scared to Make Changes?

I understand. It can feel daunting, panicky, cause anxiety or resistance. But let me tell you this. It’s not healthy to jump into something new before profoundly understanding your eating patterns and what stands behind them. You can always hit the bookstore, and you'll find numerous diet books which you can follow on your own. 

You need to be emotionally ready to get to the place you desire. 

There is some pre-work to be done before jumping in the cold water of change. This work entitles observing, learning and moving at the pace that is comfortable to you. Firstly, you need to keep up emotionally with the switch and go through the process step by step. If you rush the process, you'll likely revert to the old way of eating, thinking and being.

That’s why I teach people how to enjoy the process and get the most out of it. A celebration of every victory or a setback is the real-time emotional exercise that eventually makes you stronger and capable to endure and meet your dream.

Source:  Unsplash

Source: Unsplash


God bless all those people that have time, inspiration, organization skills, ability, and passion. But what when you lack some or all of these? How to keep up with the healthy lifestyle if you’re not healthy food nut or a well-established home chef?

I teach you fundamentals. I show you how to eat functionally and how to eat beautifully without stressing around it.

Feeding yourself is about nourishment, fun, and time-management. If food prep lasts forever - then it's not for the everyday. If it's without the flavor, then our taste buds would crave something juicier. 

Now, let’s take some action.

My gift to you is a 50 minutes FREE mini session to help you get on with your health and lifestyle.