Anti Inflammatory Lifestyle


You’ve probably read that chronic, low-level inflammation is the silent killer. If you're like me, it probably scared a bejesus out of you. 

I once asked my friend who is a recognized wellness expert, if we really needed to scare people to death with such messages to make a point? 

My intention with this post is to take the fear out of your mind by providing perspective. Every situation that you're in can have many different points of view, and I want to help you learn how to explore them. If you regularly read my blog, you know that I’m the girl who likes to look from a billion different points until I understand some topic. I am not ashamed to ask when I don't know, and I'm not ashamed to ask many different experts. I like it holistic.

If there was no darkness, how could we see the light? 

Let's get into nitty gritty of the inflammation.

Inflammation is important. It’s a part of the body’s normal and healthy response to injury or immune system impairment. There are different forms of inflammation: it could be visible on the skin; it could manifest as a pain in joints; or it could be a low-level, cellular inflammation. Typically, with cellular inflammation people cannot feel anything, until they have enough in-organ damage which translates to chronic disease (obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer, asthma, allergies, cancer and heart disease). 

The answer could be quite simple and accessible to EVERYBODY. The problem is - it's not very profitable for big pharma, food industry, and those who market their products and services as "revolutionary." 

If you want to focus on the anti-inflammatory diet, I suggest that you read the book called The Zone Diet, by Dr. Barry Sears. It’s by no means a diet plan (which I appreciate), quick cleanse or detox, but a compelling guide on how to create the lifestyle to live long, healthy, and disease free life.

If you're ready to put in the work - you'll understand the importance of the long-term approach and create the sustainable lifestyle.

The truth is - all the chronic diseases connect to the inflammation. Given the latest discoveries within the field of epigenetics, we know that eating the right foods and having the right lifestyle can keep our genes at bay, without exposing us to our "destiny." In other words, if you have a gene that would give you a celiac disease, it may never express itself unless poor lifestyle choices trigger it. 

Gaining weight, getting sick, aging faster - it’s all about the cellular inflammation. However, as I mentioned earlier, the inflammation is also necessary.

What switches on the inflammation?

Omega 6 fatty acids (plant oils), saturated fatty acids, trans fats, refined sugar, alcohol, food additives, low-quality dairy products, heavy metals, pollution, excess carbs, stress, feelings of hatred, toxic relationships, psychological factors.

How to switch off the inflammation?

By taking omega 3 fatty acids and polyphenols (compounds that give color to the fruits and vegetables), long walks, breathing. Drink pure water, green tea, eat blueberries, dark chocolate, wild-caught salmon, ginger, turmeric, chia, buckwheat, quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, oats, flax, hemp, walnuts, almonds, pomegranates, raspberries, peas, onions, squashes, lentils, beans, cinnamon, raw cacao, thyme, basil, rosemary, garlic, dark leafy greens, and kelp.

How to live life to reduce the inflammation? 

Dr. Sears says that the key is in balancing your plate. Practically, that would look like this (almost all book is summoned in a few sentences):

One-third of your plate consists of colorful vegetables, other third of the palm-sized lean protein (plant-based or animal), and the last third saved for a whole (ideally sprouted) grains which will lower your cortisol, and a dash of fat (olive oil, avocado or nuts). Avoiding refined carbohydrates is essential as they dramatically increase inflammation. Take a quality omega 3 (DHA&EPA) supplement and indulge in low sugar polyphenols (berries, leafy greens, beetroot, sweet potato).

Meditate, practice yoga, have a regular low-impact exercise.  

Be consistent with what you do. David Wolf said that it is not important how much of something you take, but how consistent you are with that. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, just come back to basics and Do Simple Better

Love You,