A Potent Morning Flush

I learned that there is massive value in mastering the basics

When I caught myself doing all the extraordinary advanced things and not making significant progress, I knew that there was a time for a serious detour which meant - mastering the basics. 

You cannot build the house without a solid base. 

Drink two glasses of plain water upon waking up and brushing your teeth (brush your teeth and clean your tongue first thing in the morning to remove the toxins). Drinking water is a powerful flush for your body. It facilitates digestion and helps eliminate the waste. You'll feel lighter, less bloated or tired.

Stay consistent in your practice and show yourself that you are committed to change. Let's get it straight guys - when working with clients, I quickly see that if they cannot commit to drinking their water, they are still not ready for a more significant change. 


- Fatigue, weakness, and dizziness
- Muscle weakness
- Headaches
- Throat burn and constipation
- Cold hands and feet
- Water retention
- Memory and concentration problems
- Pains in muscles and joints
- Dry skin and lips
- Dry mucous membranes


This post is a reminder. Your body was doing the house cleaning while you were sleeping. Youโ€™re now dehydrated. Brush your teeth, and take your water. Drink it plain, without any add-ins such as lemon, lime, turmeric, green powders or ACV. Nada. All these things can come later.

If you'd like to alkalize your body - the first step would be to drink more plain water. Coffee, fruit juices, smoothies, black tea, etc. are not water; they are food. 

TIP: I prepare my 1/2 liter of clear water the night before, so I have a lovely, room temperature hydration upon waking up.

Make sure to load up on veggies and some probiotic afterward to make your gut microbiome thrive. 

Just - Do Simple Better! I know that you can :)

Love You,