Lola's Gluten Free Seed Crackers

My friend Lola is a powerful woman, a mother, a wife, a lovely friend and a very mindful and insightful person. I first met her on the tennis court, where I noticed her profound presence, sharp focus, and the kick-ass forehand to be honest :)

She called me the other day to take a stroll in the woods, and what was to be just a walk, turned into a most beautiful, soulful and expanding conversation. 

Every time a meet this woman she (without an intention to do so) teaches me a new life lesson. She is a devoted and experienced meditator, and I hope sheโ€™d say yes to be a guest on my blog (and soon to launch YT channel), to teach us all the secret of meditating. 

Knowing about my challenge with the measurements in the recipes (I talked about it on my Instagram the other day), Lola agreed that I could share her A-M-A-Z-I-N-G gluten-free crackers. In Denmark, this recipe is called grovkiks, but instead of the original recipe, you guys are up for some upgraded (and much healthier) version here. 

All my dinner parties cannot go without these crackers! I combine them with different dips like guacamole, hummus (various kinds), baba ganoush, labneh, etc. 

Thank You, Lola! 

GF crackers 3.jpg


1 dl (100 ml) of sesame seeds
1 dl sunflower seeds
1 dl linseeds
1 dl pumpkin seeds
1 dl millet flakes, or rice flakes or quinoa flakes
1 1/2 dl cornmeal
1 1/2 dl rice flour (preferably wholemeal)
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 dl water
1 dl olive oil
Grated cheese of your choice or sea salt to sprinkle on top (optional)


  • Preheat 150 C fan assisted oven or 170 C conventional oven.
  • Mix all ingredients, except for the cheese/sea salt sprinkles, in a bowl until combined. Adjust the consistency, if required, with more water or seeds/rice flour so that the mixture holds together when you flatten it but not too sticky.
  • Line 2 large or 3 smaller baking trays with baking sheet.
  • Divide the mixture onto the baking trays. Gather it up in the middle of the tray and cover it with another piece of baking sheet.
  • Press with hand and with a rolling pin until the mixture is the thickness of the pumpkin seeds (the thinner, the crunchier!)
  • Sprinkle cheese or sea salts on top. Precut the crackers with a knife before putting into oven, or just leave it as is and break it into smaller pieces by hand after for a more rustic effect.
  • Bake until the crackers are crunchy it will take about 40 minutes. If in doubt, leave it in there for a bit longer.
  • Out of the oven and enjoy!
GF crackers 1.jpg

You can use whatever seeds you want, I put in Chia seeds as well, but you will just need to adjust the consistency with more water so that it holds together when you flatten it. 

Experiment and enjoy!

Love You,