How To Start Your Health Journey

Hello from Miami guys! 

Let’s get it straight - the journey to health is not the journey to finding a magic pill. When I say a pill, I don’t mean a tablet only, but also a dietary theory, the best exercise plan, the best herb, the best supplement, the best ritual. If you still believe the opposite, you probably find yourself marinating in the vastness of different approaches going from one thing to the next. I reckon it’s entertaining, but it ain’t gonna give you any results.

We are all different. Moreover, you are different today then you were yesterday. The reality is - we are changing all the time. Seasons are changing; weather is changing, level of the ocean is changing. Your mood fluctuates, your sleep may vary, your stress levels go up and down, your hormones as well. It is impossible to claim that the answer is to find the one thing that would work you wonders. 

Cultivating active approach to your health is the name of the game. It’s not easy guys, but that's the way through!

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Start by checking in how your body feels. Do a quick head to toe body scan. Where is the tension? What do you crave? Are you tired? Are you thirsty? 

For you who read my blog, I intend to provide the freshest knowledge and the motivation to help you start your journey to living healthy lives. My philosophy is that the healthy lifestyle is a simple lifestyle. I want you to learn how to call in your intuition, to learn how to read your body’s signals, and to commit to respecting your unique body’s needs. 

Please remember that something that looks simple doesn’t always have to be easy. Your work is to become disciplined around the smallest things.


Here's how to start rolling:


Digestion begins in the mouth. Enzymes in your saliva start digesting your food with the first bite. By thoroughly chewing your food, your body will better assimilate nutrients, and you will slow down your eating. You’ll soon realize that you don’t need much food to feel satiated. The question is should you chew 15 times or 30 times per mouthful? Well, experts say 30, or until it becomes liquid, but for you who don’t chew thoroughly, 15 times will be a significant milestone. 


I remember having lunch while responding to the email, entertaining the colleague or being focused on what the client was talking. Dinner was mostly about getting the kids to chew while I was mindlessly shoving the food into my mouth. Well, not anymore. I like to eat when I eat. Try to become aware that the fork is entering your mouth. Place your cutlery on the plate every single time while chewing that bite. Mindful eating is such a profound practice, but it takes constant practice. I guarantee that you'll achieve surprising results if you savor your food with no distractions. 


Are you grateful for the food in front of you? Not only that you needed to come up with the idea about what to cook, make a trip to the supermarket, prepare the food, but there had also been many other people involved in growing it, sourcing it and making it available for you. Gratefulness is about acknowledging the blessings that surround you. I've just learned from Deepak Chopra at the IIN conference here in Miami that the new study shows that keeping a daily gratitude journal lowers the inflammatory markers in heart patients. How amazing is that!


I was walking with my boy the other day when he started to complain how hungry he felt. It was strange because he had a good meal an hour before we left. I let him stay with the feeling as we went deeper into the woods. At some point, he said: "I know, mommy. I’m not hungry at all; I’m thirsty." Many people are chronically dehydrated. Start your day with plain water without adding anything to it. It will help you flush out the toxins from your body. If you feel hungry between your meals, drink one or two large glasses of water, then check in and see if you’re genuinely hungry. 


You might contemplate vegan, LCHF, vegetarian, paleo regimen or something else to improve your lifestyle. Until you understand what indeed works for you and how to do it properly, I suggest that you up your veggies. As simple as that. Many vegans eat enormous amounts of sugar or plant-based crappy processed foods that are full of nasty chemicals. On the other end, a lot of people who are on LCHF diet consume very low-quality milk and nonorganic meets saturated with hormones and antibiotics. Some of the gluten-free devotees eat processed gluten-free foods, which have high glycemic starches in it. Wherever you are on your journey, you can always eat a salad with every meal. Vegetables will provide essential nutrients and minerals that will support your body and lower the cellular inflammation. 

When you master the basics, you’ll be able to enter the next level with more energy, enthusiasm and without the overwhelm.

Do Simple Better and do not hesitate to ask for help if you recognize that you’re not progressing. Remember, lifestyle is a set of choices that you make on a daily basis, so choose wisely.

Love you,