Check In With Yourself, Before The Spring Blues Hits

In a corporate world, March is the month that marks the ending of the Q1, or the first quarter of the year. Depending on the fulfillment of the plans, companies start adjusting and navigating their business activities to reach their goals. 

However, on a personal level, many people (and especially women) start to disconnect from the intentions they set in January when they had put the effort to dig deeper and connect with themselves, define and set their goals for the year ahead. They agreed to become healthier, to lose weight, and to devote more time for self-improvement. Nevertheless, exactly around this time of the year, they find themselves in a rut, choosing to go back and live with the flow. Everything becomes too much, and priorities change. Work, children, families, cooking, boss, business trips, spring blues and all that jazz puts us in defensive (I just wanna take a rest) mode. We start convincing ourselves that we need to lose the grip, to stop being too harsh to ourselves, and to relax into what life brings. 

But here is the reality guys: we're giving up and giving in.

It’s so easy to lose the motivation in this part of the year.  We tend to start putting the plasters on the open wounds. 

As I’d gone through the same pattern, I wanted to help you to pull yourself together and realign with your January intentions in a loving and supportive manner. It’s normal to feel this way at this time of the year, and you are not alone in that situation. We’re all going from excitement to sadness, just as spring weather can vary from heavy rain to clear blue skies. Changing the seasons is never easy, especially going from the winter to the spring. It requires our awareness, gentleness, clear boundaries and radical self-care. Deepak Chopra explains that when kids are confused, wining, nervous, parents get to put them to sleep and they wake up fresh. As adults, we need to see through the confusion that our bodies are falling into. Self-care is needed as an answer to our body's needs. It's a way of lovingly parenting ourselves. 

If I had the magic wound, I’d take your hand and show you how lovely, powerful and amazing you actually are. Please remember that you don’t need to become anything for anyone; you don’t need to show the world the picture perfect, you don’t need to change yourself for anybody else. Instead, start making choices that are in your best interest. Start choosing the right things for yourself which will help you feel great in your day. When you shine, when you're radiant and joyful is when you're expressing your true self. 

Tonight when you go to the bathroom to remove your make up, take five more minutes for this exercise. I promise that you’ll get the new, beautiful wings to keep flying with joy, with love, and with grace. 


Dim the light, get some candles, defuse a few drops of essential oils (lavender or frankincense are the best for this purpose) and be radically honest with yourself. Take a deep breath in, count until 4, hold while counting until 7, and exhale until 8. Repeat this cycle 4 times. After the last exhale, connect with yourself and invite your inner intelligence to guide you. 

Start by asking yourself:

1. Did I step out of my comfort zone?
2. Am I fully present? 
3. Am I kind? 
4. What can I stop doing?

Now, take a deep breath in into your belly (your collar bones stay on the place without moving), and you exhale all the air with the whooshing sound. 

Take another deep breath and connect with your goals by asking these simple questions.

1. What is one word you want to describe 2018?
2. What will you make more time for? 

Whatever the answers, thank yourself for showing up, put the moisturizer on, blow out the candles and slowly walk to your bed. 
Sleep tight and when you wake up - remember the one word that you want to describe 2018. 

Do simple better, and remember that the lifestyle is a set of decisions you make on a daily basis, so chose wisely. 

Love you,