Are You Struggling To Meditate - Here's The 30 Second Rescue Breathing Technique


For a long time, I was beating myself up for not being able to meditate while everyone on the planet Earth was starting to get enlightened by its positive effects.

Guys, the struggle was real. I would rather get out of my skin than sit and try to observe my thoughts for a few minutes. I would then try guided meditations - which was great fun, but those couldn't help me to cage my monkey mind. Transcendental meditation mantras or kundalini mantras seemed so far away from my truth at that moment. As a result, I felt pretty lonely in the world of people that seemed to be on the top of their development game claiming that the meditation was everything.

That's when I learned something about breathing. Breathing was my rescue. It was a bridge between stress and meditation. Breathing is a link between the conscious and the unconscious mind, key to changing the function of the autonomic nervous system and the master control of our emotional state. 

Breathing is the central most important physiological function of the human organism. The basic rule of breath work is to make your breath slower, quieter, deeper, and more regular. 

To make your breathing deeper, work on the exhalation. Exhalation is more of the voluntary control, and as you squeeze the more air out, you’ll automatically be able to inhale more air in. 

Breathing is the only function of the body that we can do consciously and unconsciously. Dr. Weil says that it’s improper functioning of the involuntary nervous system that’s the root of many health conditions such as the poor function of digestive system, high blood pressure, circulatory system.

4-7-8 Breath

Harvard trained physician and my teacher, Dr. Weil created the system of breathing called 4-7-8. It’s so simple and it takes only a little over 30 seconds. In my search for more complicated tools to hack my sympathetic nervous system, I disregarded the power of this basic and powerful tool. 

How to breath the 4-7-8 way?

Firstly, place the tongue on the ridge of tissue behind upper front teeth. Start with breathing out all the air through your mouth. Inhale quietly through your nose to a count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 7. Exhale through your mount for a count of 8 with a whooshing sound.

That’s one breathing cycle. Do the total of 4 breathing cycles, ideally twice a day. If you stay consistent for a full month, then you can do 8 cycles during the next month (never do more than 8 cycles). 

That’s all folks. Remember to do simple better and don’t forget that the lifestyle is the set of daily choices, so choose wisely.