This Deodorant Will Change Your World

I’ve known this recipe for years, but the truth is - I've never believed that it works. 

I admit being guilty and seduced by beautiful ads of the expensive and divinely packaged (and aluminium packed, btw) deodorants from the airport duty-free shops. 

coconut deodorant.jpg

Then I fell in love with more natural options - crystal salts sold by more ethical producers. 

It’s only thanks to my friend who came to visit us in Copenhagen claiming that this simple, creamy thing works (even on the teenage basketball players and men). I believed her, and I hope that you'll trust me and give it a go!

We all know that conventional deodorants are some of the unhealthiest and chemically rich things that you can put on your body. Our lives are saturated with toxic chemicals and we don't need more of them. They disrupt our endocrine systems and cause many troubles over the time. On the other hand, many of the natural versions that are currently on the market don’t work that well. As there was nothing to lose, I decided to give this a try, and as a result - I was blown   away!

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Now, let’s address the primary concern that you may have - stains. I do not experience trouble with this, as I use a tiny amount (a little bit works wonders) that I apply straight after showering. It absorbs in 2-3 minutes, while I brush my teeth and put moisturizer on my face.

I feel relieved and utterly grateful for this pure invention. My boys will never have to experience toxic side effects of regular deodorants, and I hope you’ll curiosity will lead you to give it a go!

In case you experience body odors - start taking chlorella (in powder or capsules) which is a natural deodorizer and works really fast to get you rid of this unpleasant issue.  


2 tsp neutral coconut oil
1 tsp baking soda
5 drops of essential oil (tea tree, patchouli, lemon, geranium)

Mix the ingredients until the smooth paste forms. You can refrigerate it for half an hour (not necessary) to set it firm. Keep it in a small glass or a tin jar on your bathroom shelf. 

natural deodorant.jpg

You welcome!

Do simple better and know that lifestyle is the set of daily choices, so choose wisely.

Have a lovely weekend!