Why You Should Stop Celebrating The Small Victories

Hello dear friends! 


I believe that you’ve heard many times how important it is to celebrate your wins. To some extent, I could agree with this one, but not as a general rule. If you are trying to replace an old habit or to form a new one, I’d tell you this - it's better to forget about celebrating the small wins. Here’s why. 

Celebrating the small victories can be an excellent platform for self-sabotage. Whatever habit you are trying to change or to form, celebrating the small successes will reinforce the existence of the old pattern.  

For example, you go on a diet for a few days, and then you tell yourself how wonderfully you did. Your conscious mind is happy and proud, but your subconscious receives the message that this was an extraordinary occurrence and not something normal. Your brain will do everything to keep the homeostasis in the body, remember that. Any change is a threat to it, and it would rather accept the known although terrible, than the unknown which would be even better for you. That is why you don’t want the change to happen very quickly, because habits won’t be able to stick. 

If you feel that you’re doing something unusual or exceptional, your subconscious mind is receiving the message that this is not an ordinary achievement.

Take your accomplishment in stride. Your subconscious understands habituation. Practice doing something every day - over and over again without giving it attention through celebration.

Make it your usual mode of operating until you get where you want to go. Only then acknowledge the great job you did. During the journey behave as it’s how you normaly do it and avoid celebrating. Consciously work on your subconsciousness - shape it into believing that this is how you operate on a regular basis. 

Nevertheless, if you’re a type A (go, go, go) person, here’s the catch that you'd perhaps want to consider. 

If achieving your goals is what motivates you, as well as crossing off the tasks on your to-do lists, your focus is probably on the next thing that is coming your way.

If you find that this is true for you, I believe that you'd benefit from developing the awareness of your achievements. Your subconscious perceives your striving as the response to a perpetual lack. You want to manage this drama lovingly and constructively. Give yourself applause. Unlike in the habit-forming process that I mentioned before, for your daily functioning is healthy and much needed to acknowledge your accomplishments. 

Stay strong and practice awareness. It’s the crucial component of every change. You got to know where you are starting from.

Much love,