Eat Lunch Like Elle Macpherson - In Your Cantina Or At Your Home

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I got inspired to write this post during my latest visit to London a few days ago. I had an opportunity to visit the place of my favorite wellness warrior, celebrity trainer and the author of the Clean and Lean, who is also a founder of the world's famous training concept called Bodyism, James Duigan. Personal trainer of Elle Macpherson (for 20 years), Hugh Grant and some of the Londonโ€™s most beautiful ladies, he seems to be a guy who understands that looking good is informed by feeling good and being humble. When someone stands for the values of love, kindness, gratitude, honesty, wisdom, and health, I cannot help but get instantly attracted to him.

After having lunch at his beautiful cafe in Nothing Hill, I wanted to share a glimpse of Bodyism's universe with you, by teaching you how to create lunch plates that you can enjoy both at home or at the office cantina. 

The goal is - getting rid of toxins without having an "all in" detox regimen. If you make this your daily choice, you'll watch your stomach becoming flat, your cravings going away and your energy levels becoming stable throughout the day.

The magic formula is local vegetables, healthy fats, organic protein and some smart carbs. 

One tip - chew your food thoroughly! Get rid of your phone, and allow yourself to focus on putting the food into your mouth. This way you'll avoid eating double portions. This is a decision that needs to be reinforced every day until it becomes a habit. You are the one who needs to make it a non-negotiable, not your boss, nor your children. You deserve to have an eating ritual with proper plate and cutlery. 
Another tip - say silent thanks before starting to eat, to all the people that have contributed to the process, from sourcing to cooking. Make sure to keep your fork down until you swallow each bite. 

Saying thanks (feel free to do it silently) may seem pretty woo-woo to some of you - but here is the reason. The practice will connect you to the people that put effort into bringing the food to your table. Can you imagine how many hands have been working hard to provide all that spinach, chicken, seeds, sweet potato on your plate? By honoring them, youโ€™ll start valuing the food you eat. You'll foster a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. This is how you activate your parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous system, that is the vital component of proper digestion and massive contributor in lowering the systemic inflammation. In addition, your body will be able to assimilate the nutrients much better, which will show up as fewer cravings, better skin, better sleep, brighter eyes and sexier body. 

It took me only a few times to start feeling the meaning and importance of this gratitude practice which I now never miss. I also teach my children to do the same. It's healthy for their mental and physical development. One meal at a time.

Here you are, and enjoy your meals!

Bodyism inspired lunch No. 1

1. Take the plate
2. Make the bed of steamed greens - kale, spinach or arugula (rocket)
3. Add one teaspoon of tamari (the best quality soy sauce)
3. Add toasted sesame seeds
4. Add a few pieces of a roasted sweet potato
5. Take half of an avocado and sprinkle it with sea salt and chili flakes
6. Add a soft boiled egg or two
8. A splash of olive oil
9. Sit, take a deep breath in and a breath out, give thanks and chew

Bodyism kale salad - web.jpg

Bodyism inspired lunch No. 2

1. Take the plate
2. Make the bed of fresh spinach.
3. Arrange a few pieces of cubed and spiced roasted sweet potato
4. Put a piece of chicken - no bigger than the palm of your hand
5. Add a tablespoon of roasted seeds - pumpkin and sunflower
6. Add micro herbs - cilantro, chard, basil, sorrel, parsley
7. Season with a little bit of sea salt
8. Add a tablespoon of pesto (arugula, basil, parsley)
9. Sit, take a deep breath in and a breath out, give thanks and chew

Bodyism spinach salad - web .jpg

Have fun! 

With much love and gratitude,