My journey was all fun and a little joy

Here's the state of the current affairs - I'm a millennial mum of two handsome boys - which shapes my reality every single day. I strive for greatness, positive change, contribution to the world, saving the mama Earth, acting in alignment with purpose, "superfoodying" the regular. Practically, all those things that make our parents roll their eyes (generation gap, guys, forgive them). I make the life pleasurable experience while facing the limitations of everyday tasks. I live in Denmark (the land of hygge) as an expat (oh, I hear you - sounds compelling, I know - but in reality - this has been my greatest and darkest teacher so far). In between my job, my family (cooking, cleaning, babysitting, organising, driving, listening, playing), reading, as well as recent devotion to yoga practice, I create the content for this platform (which is my true love and a second job I do). By contributing to this place, I convince myself that I'm taking the action towards fulfilling my life's purpose.  

Now, If you want more details (credentials, history, my journey) please continue reading. Otherwise, consider that we already know each other. Your soul has been attracted to mine. You're my sister or my brother from another mother. 


I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and the creator of Healthy Atelier by Marija which is a collection of knowledge that I gathered during my studies at the Institute for the Integrative Nutrition from NYC, and also by travelling and studying from different teachers all over the world.  

I've always liked challenges, but as a teenager, I didn't have enough skills to cope with all the turmoil that life presented before me. At that time, food became my soft cushion. It helped me numb my sadness, ignore my fear and sooth my soul in the hard times. In addition - I wasn't aware of it. That resulted in continuing the same pattern in the years to come until I finally got to face it, embrace it and act upon it.

As a type A person, I've been brave enough to try almost everything that come my way. From NGOs, journalism, editor's job, radio shows, travelling, studying different things, blogging, philanthropic work, marketing, advertising, start-ups to different sports. All those experiences had sparked the curiosity in me.

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As I've had the chance to travel the world and open myself towards learning from different people and different cultures, I realized how abundant their wisdom was.

I've lived in the few places, but have settled in the country of the happiest people in the world - Denmark. Living here while raising my family has brought me profound transformation and immense joy.

I discovered the life's philosophy of Scandinavian people. The concept of Hygge has been taking the world by the storm, and there was a good reason for it. 

However, the reality of life started to trace my path without my deeper involvment. While I was waiting to get accepted to yet another logical calling - Master studies in business here in Copenhagen, something in me have profoundly shifted.

This time I paid attention.

By following my deepest desire, I instead graduated from the world's leading health coaching school called The Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York City.

I studied around 100 different dietary theories ranging from East to West, the science behind them, their pros and cons and the best ways to implement them in a daily life.

The world of perspective has finally opened before me.

I was privileged to learn from today's best experts in the fields of health, wellness, coaching and self-development. Some of them are Mark Hyman, Walter Willet, Daniel Amen, Andrew Weil, Marion Nestle, Lisa Rankin,  Joseph Mercola, John Douillard, Deepak Chopra, Mehmet Oz, Joel Fuhrman, Mark Sisson, Susan Blum, Paul Pitchford, Mark David, Arianna Huffington, Geneen Roth, Gretchen Rubin, Gabby Bernstein and many others. 



The most exciting thing was studying and practicing the cutting-edge coaching techniques and combining the power of nutrition and lifestyle with it.

This experience has led me to yet another soulful step - studying the psychology of eating. 

I tried different approaches such as self-observation, self-awareness, and reflection on my own challenges, which has helped me to shed some light on what led me to emotional eating and why I was using the same patterns again and again. 

By strategically introducing the foods with healing properties and combining them with deeper work in the areas of relationships, career, mindset to physical activity and eventually spirituality, I've finally reached mental freedom and the way of living that supports my life as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur. 

One of my primary motivators has been to become the best example to my children. However, even with such a high pull from the outside, I can tell you that the willpower couldn't get me far. 

But the system did.

Today I know that to grow, we need to heal.

I made it my mission - to help as many people as I possibly can to explore their lifestyle and food choices from a whole new perspective - personal growth.

I love working with people that are curious about themselves and that want to ditch the habits that don't serve them. I cannot be more excited about meeting you, beautiful soul, that is reading this and that is ready to learn, to ask questions, to reflect and to grow. 



If you haven't discovered your way, it doesn't mean that you won't.


I believe in the power of synergy and co-creation - that is how I help you navigate your way. It's not about me being the sage on the stage and telling you what to do, it's about empowering you to find your direction. I give you the tools, hold your hand, but you're doing the work. This way you won't build dependance on what I tell you to do, but you'll learn to cope with every situation that you experience. 

I understand how daunting the process itself can be. I know about all the phases ranging from despair to determination, all the way up to complete exhilaration. And back. 

This time, I'll be happy to help you set your goals, stay within your power and face those fears and challenges that come up along the way! 

I love working via Skype or Zoom because it gives us the opportunity to communicate from wherever you are. While staying in the comfort of your environment in pajamas or a business attire, you don't need to concentrate on parking, getting on time, beating the traffic, and instead, you can focus on what you need. And I can focus on how to best support you by meeting you where you are - both physically and metaphorically.


It's not about the goal, it's about who you become by reaching it.


If you feel that the time has come to sort your lifestyle out and live a life that is worth living, all you need to do is to take the first step.