You need to be emotionally ready to get to the place you desire.


No one diet works for everyone.

Food is not only the food. It's the information. We, humans, are deeply connected to its properties. Relationship with food is a part of our genetic makeup. We celebrate with it; we suffer with it. It makes us happy, depressed, angry, warm or cold. Eventually, it becomes our blood, our cells, our emotions. 

If the long lists of recommendations have worked, the world wouldn't have been where it is today. 

We know so much, yet we practice so little.  

But what's stopping us?

We are confused. We are marinating in the world of contradictory dietary theories that have one mutual promise - that we're going to become more powerful human beings, closer to their roots.

Did you know that there was no such thing as the perfect human diet? I wish I could reassure you, but that's the reality. Every one of us has its kryptonite.

Learning how to connect with the body and listen to its messages and eventually understand them, could be a game changer. 

Now, with all the trial and error that most of us have experienced during the journey called getting healthier, losing weight, healing allergies, etc., we, at some point, get depleted, tired and uninterested. 

Hitting the ground and rising from the ashes is a part of the process.  

Some call it life. Some call it a journey.

Getting to know what works for you means getting your power back into our own hands. 


Could one conversation change your life?

If you are at the place of confusion and exhaustion, I want to encourage you to slowly start making the space for yourself, stop battling all those things that you are doing or should be doing and to gently transition into observing what is happening in your body.

Start with your mind. Watch your thoughts. Become aware of the things that are coming up.

Then pay attention to your feelings. What can you feel? 

You can do this by yourself. You can have someone to help you navigate.

"It takes a village to raise a child" - I realized the truth of this quote by doing it all alone. Eventually, it made me crash. 

Know that you are worthy of getting other people involved in your life. To listen to you, to hold space, to restrain from judgment, to lovingly ask the right questions, to understand, to allow you to be who you are, to help you grow, to give you a kick in the right direction.

We all need people that will hold our hand in the times of transition. 

Health Coaching facilitates the process of transformation. It addresses the areas of nutrition, health, lifestyle, movement, and exercise, only by slowly shifting to relationships, career satisfaction, and spirituality.

My goal here is simple - to help you take action. 

Now, I offer you a FREE mini session with me so we can assess your lifestyle and make a strategy for you. No long term obligations, just for you to try and get the glimpse of the process of Health Coaching. 


Obstacles are the detours in the right direction.
— Gabby Bernstain